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May 13, 2016
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SIFGLUCO-3.1 Portable Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter


Wireless Bluetooth Blood Glucose / Cholesterol Meter

Multi-measurement in ONE single system

Fast reaction time




SIFGLUCO-3.1 Portable Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter

2 in 1 Monitoring System Blood Glucose Cholesterol

Specifications :
Wireless Bluetooth Blood Glucose meter
Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth4.0)
• Principle: Electrochemical Bisensor
• Sample: Capillary whole blood
• Blood Sample Volume: 1.0uL(glucose), 10uL (cholesterol)
• Measure Time: 10sec. (glucose), less than 30sec. (cholesterol)
• System Operation Temp: 10-40 degree
• Relative Humidity: Less than 95%
• Power: 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery

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This product is not to be used in THE US .


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