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SIFHB-2.1: Hemoglobin Tester, Fast Reading Hemoglobin System

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SIFHB-2.1: Hemoglobin Tester, Fast Reading Hemoglobin System 

Type: Hemoglobin system

LCD display:  37×39mm

Measuring Time:  Less than 15 seconds


SIFHB-2.1 Hemoglobin Tester, Fast Reading Hemoglobin System 


The role of technology in hemoglobin testing has led the way for the creation of innovative devices and techniques for the quantification of hemoglobin concentration in patients.

Using an automated hemoglobin analyzer, for instance, has enabled fast, accurate, and reliable results in the field of hematology.


Product Specification
Hemoglobin System
Certification available
Blood Sample
 Capillary and venous whole blood
Sample Volume
Measuring Time
 Less than 15 seconds
Measuring Range
 switchable in g/dL,g/L,mmol/L
LCD display
Battery type
 3 AAA alkaline batteries
Unit dimension
Unit weight

Hemoglobin testing is the main blood tests used to diagnose anemia. Anemia can be caused by poor nutrition or various diseases.


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