GSM GPRS Activity Tracker Wristband Pedometer
GSM, GPRS and Activity Tracker Wristband Pedometer SIFIT-2.7
May 17, 2016
SIFHEALTH-2.3 Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter
May 18, 2016
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SIFIT-3.6 Bluetooth Activity Tracker Wristband Pedometer with GPS



Bluetooth PedometeR

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SIFIT-3.6 Bluetooth Activity Tracker Wristband PEdometer with GPS


  • Port: USB 2.0
  • Compatible Systems: fully compatible
  • Menu language: Chinese and English
  • Battery capacity: 320mha
  • Wristband Material: Silicone
  • Operating mode: Touchtone
  • Communication features: Stand by
  • Application platform: android platform, fully compatible
  • Screen size: 1.3 inch
  • Processing methods: OEM


  • Intelligent alerts
  • Mobile positioning,
  • Security fence,
  • Smart alerts,
  • Two-way conversation,
  • Remote care,
  • Emergency assistance,
  • Remote alarm
  • Wireless range:5m (included) -10m (inclusive)
  • Printed LOGO: Can
  • Weight:40 (g)
  • The fastest delivery time:1-3 days
  • Support mixed batch: Stand by
  • Whether to support a generation of fat: Stand by
  • Invoice: It does not provide an invoice
  • Service: Genius
  • Packing list: Watch the data line manual
  • Color: White, blue, red, green

Additional features:

  1. SOS button for helping: when emergency happened, press SOS button to send out the distress message to guardian.
  2. Bluetooth anti-lost: when taking the kids out, after you connect the Bluetooth, you will give the kids more space, and at the same time keep the child in the line of sight.
  3. Communication: 4 pieces family number help kids to communicate with their families freely. More save, more convenient.
  4. Remote monitor: much more sensitive microphone. Monitoring all the sound around the device when emergency happened.
  5. Pedometer: the pedometer is your health assistant; it can calculate your running distance and consumption.
  6. Dual positioning
  7. GPS Power-saving
  8. Replaying of historical running data
  9. Electronic fence
  10. with time display