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October 18, 2017
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October 20, 2017
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SIFIT-7.91 Bluetooth Smart fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

$94.00 $89.00

Multi function fitness activity tracker heart rate,auto tracker

Track steps,calories,distance,activity time and percentage of daily goal
Measure heart rate accurately and continously with optical sensor
Six heart rate training zones:   Rest HR,Warming Up,Fat Burning,Aerobics,Anaerobic and Strenuous Exercise



OLED wireless activity sleep wristband health smart watch vibrating bluetooth SIFIT-7.91

The newest  smart bracelet ,heart rate fitness tracker SIFIT-7.91

It is a amazing wirstband pedometer by tracking your all daily life active like steps taken, distance traveled ,calories burned.
Measure heart rate,sync device data and vibration alarm and active minutes.
Also the hours of your sleeping include the deep sleeping and the light sleeping. Help you to know yourself’s health situation better, and make a plan for your physical exercises so that you can have a more healthy body and happy life.

Main function

– Time, Date, Battery Indicator
– Calories Burned
– Walking Distance
– Walking Steps
– The Exercise Goal
– Activity Mode: track steps (both walking and running), distance, activity time, total steps, calories, daily target %
– Sleep Mode: monitor sleep quality
– Motor alarm (wake up alarm, activity reminder, target achieved alarm)
– Heart Rate motor by optical sensor
– Call and Message notification

Features and specifications:

–  Battery: 159mAh Lithium polymer rechargeable battery
–  Display: 0.91’’ OLED with touch screen
–  Data Memory: 30 days
–  Vibration feature
–  Heart rate monitor by optical sensor
–  Ultra low power consumption with Latested BLE 4.0 technology for data transfer       (Bluetooth low energy 4.0)
–  Bosch 3D acceleration sensor with 360 degree high sensitivity to track every             imperceptible movement,
–  Activity Alarm mode: gently remind you exercising from time to time.
–  Farewell to your lazy body ,  Built-in Touch Sensor enable you to check the real-time daily goal for more achievement like an eyelid flutter or a twitchy finger.
–  High quality OLED display with touch screen with high precise performance
– Online data sync through smartphone or tablet with ios or andriod system
– USB charging scradle
– Small size, compact wristband
– Light weight



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