1000 x SIFMASK-2.1: 3M Disposable Anti-Aerosol Respirator FFP2
April 15, 2020
200 x SIFMASK-2.1: 3M Disposable Anti-Aerosol Respirator FFP2
April 15, 2020
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200 x SIFMASK-2.3: DisposableRespirator with Exhalation Valve

200 x SIFMASK-2.3: Alina Mask 210 FFP2

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200 x SIFMASK-2.3: Mask Alina 200 P2

Protection level: FFP2 NR D
Valve: Yes
Particle: Up to 12 OEL
Shelf life: 4 years
Color: White

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200 x SIFMASK-2.3: Mask Alina 210 FFP2




=SIFMASK-2.3: Mask Alina 210 FFP2 is an unshaped universal size respirator made of non-woven filter material with elastic adjustable headband and nose clip Features: 3D FLEX-TO-FIT technology adjustable headband tape increased filter surface area universal size (including for children with 4 years).
SIFMASK-2.3 is assigned for individual protection of human respiratory organs from all types of aerosols, pathogens of bacterial and viral infections, allergens and infections in areas of medium risk transmitted by airborne droplets at a concentration of up to 12 MPC.
SIFMASK-2.3: Mask Alina 210 FFP2  is  recommended for use in cases of increased epidemiological risk, such the one caused by the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 when visiting patients with viral infections, when carrying out medical procedures associated with the formation of dust or the presence of viruses and bacteria in the air.


Disposable Respirator SIFMASK-2.3 Advantages:

  • Compact flat-fold and lightweight respirator with the nose clip provides an effective protection of respiratory organs
  • The exhalation valve is effective in heavy-duty conditions, in high and reduced air temperatures and in high humidity.
  • The respirator is intended to personal protection of respiratory organs against all aerosols (dust, smoke, fog) in concentration of 12 MPC.:
  • Increased area of filtering surface
  • Colorful headbands for respirator protection class identification
  • Compact case



SIFMASK-2.3 Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Elastic rubber ear buds
  • Headband style
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Soft sponge nose pad
  • Apply to Coal mine/Chemical laboratory/Polishing/Fog weather

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200 x SIFMASK-2.3: Mask Alina 210 FFP2

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