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October 4, 2017
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SIFSOFT-1.1 SOFTWARE For Thyroid Ultrasound Images

$82.00 $63.00

SIFSOFT-1.1  Software For Thyroid Nodules Analysis

> Patent-protected technologies – ​Tumor contour retrieving method – Quantification and imaging of tumor features –  Muti-layer classifier

> Differentiate between benign and malignant thyroid tumor using proprietary patented algorithm

> Rapid digital reporting system

> Efficiency 72% – 80%

> FDA 510(k) Regsitred
> CE Mark


SIFSOFT-1.1 : SOFTWARE to assist physician improve diagnostic efficiency 

SIFSOFT-1.1  uses statistical pattern recognition and quantification methods to perform analytical processing of images. The physician may process the image for detection of sonographic characteristics (i.e., hyperechoic foci, echogenicity, texture, margin, anechoic areas, taller than wide, tumor shape, and tumor size) with assistance of the SOFTWARE SIFSOFT-1.1.

SIFSOFT-1.1 provides more detailed information with quantification and visualization of the sonographic characteristics on thyroid nodule that may assist medical professionals in making their diagnostic decision.


                                                          Detection Original Image
                                                          Nodule Segmentation
                                                             Anechoic Area
                                                             Hyperechoic Area
                                                              Echogenicity                                                                 Texture




This product is not to be used in the US.