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April 4, 2019
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April 5, 2019
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SIFVEIN-1.4 vein viewer

Portable Infrared Vein Viewer, Clinical Vein Visualization SIFVEIN-1.4

$3,300.00 $2,959.00

Type :  Blood Analysis system

Condition : New

Category: Clinic

Color : White

Power supply system: 19V3A 60W

Professional medical HD surveillance screen; 8 inches, the resolution ≥ 1024*768

Product size :540*410*300

Product Weight: Main unit≤ 6kg

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Portable Infrared Vein Viewer SIFVEIN-1.4

SIFVEIN-1.4 assists you and your hospital staff in seeing vascular deeper and more accurately. The venous imaging system is a high-tech product. The SIFVEIN-1.4 does not only provide high quality display, but also easy to use and facilitates the vein viewing process. SIFVEIN-1.4 displays human veins on the surface of the skin accurately, in real- time and clearly. It helps Medical staff find vein’s location and reduce needle stick attempt.

Principle is based on stronger infrared absorption of hemoglobin.Infrared images of skin superficial blood vessels are collected by light sensor, the outlines are displayed after a series of digital image processing, then images will be clearly and accurately projected in the situ of skin surface through the projector, and the blood vessels’ distribution can be real-time displayed. Through observing the images, medical personnel can find blood vessels needed for injection or drawing blood.

SIFVEIN-1.4 provides a significant help for patients with vascular positioning difficulties such as obesity, swollen tissue, hairy skin, dark skin, hypovolymia.. It assists medical staff to locate and find veinsquickly and accurately during I.V.. and it can increase the success rate of I.V., relive Nurses’ work pressure and reduce the patient’s fear and pain and improve the  quality of Medical services.

SIFVEIN-1.1 Portable Vein Detector ,non invasive infrared technology ,touch in screen

      Product advantage:

  • High definition display
  • Cost-effective.
  • Finds veins in all body parts hands, scalp ,foot, arm, face, etc.
  • 360 degrees of rotation freedom.
  • Display the vein of human clearly.
  • Assist the medical staff to puncture successfully, especially for the patients with obesity, edema, dark and hairy skin which is difficult to find vein.
  • Reduce the pain to the patients during injection
  • Lower working intensity of nurses
  • Improve satisfaction degree for hospital


  • Medical cold light source: non-pollution,Radiation free
  • HD camera system
  • Power supply system: 19V3A 60W
  • Professional medical HD surveillance screen; 8 inches, the resolution ≥ 1024*768
  • Product size :540*410*300
  • Product Weight Main unit≤ 6kg

       SIFVEIN-1.4 can be used on:

  • Infant
  • Pediatric Patients
  • Obese Patients
  • Edema Patients
  • weak perfusion patients
  • vascular collapse
  • poor vascular elasticity
  • multiple chemotherapy patients
  • blood volume decreased dramatically

       SIFVEIN-1.4 is  useful with a variety of patients :

Medical professionals know that venipuncture can be particularly challenging in some patients. Those with difficult venous access (DVA) can include:

  • The elderly
  • Dark-skinned patients, whose veins may not be visible
  • Obese patients, whose veins may not be visible or palpable
  • Patients having many diagnostic or therapeutic intravenous procedures
  • Burn victims
  • Agitated or restless patients
  • Oncology patients on chemotherapy
  • Drug abusers
  • Babies 

> Technical principle: Different absorption of hemoglobin in the vein to the infrared light,Through the conversion of HD system ,so as to present the vein clearly and real -time.




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