Telepresence Robot SIFROBOT-4.0 with a Stretchable Fixture Supports 8 and 10″ Tablet
May 21, 2019
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SIFULTRAS-4.3 Product design

Telepresence Robot SIFROBOT-4.3 Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent Voice Chat

$10,000.00 $8,120.00

Telepresence Robot SIFROBOT-4.3 Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent Voice Chat 

  • Telepresence Robot
  • Offers Teleprecense in full power
  • Can be controlled remotely with the free app (iOS / Android)
  • Features an auto recharge dock station

Telepresence Robot SIFROBOT-4.3 Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent Voice Chat


The SIFROBOT-4.3 runs in multiple terminals, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android pad. In the future, it will support the web browser. The application utilizes the powerful iOS and Android platform to build a peer-to-peer video & voice communications. You can connect the robot through your phone or pad, with WiFi or 4G connections.

SIFROBOT-4.3 telepresence-robot-descimage

You can take an iPhone / iPad or Android phone / tablet as the brain of the robot to control the robot locally or remotely. The design of the robot saves your money. It turns your existing gadgets into a part of the robot and utilizes what you already have, rather than buying some high price laboratory equipment.

Free Apps support iOS and Android platforms. It has powerful functions, such as self-control, remote control, real-time video chat, friends dashboard, QR-Code etc. The user interface is unique and elegant. As a result of a user survey, people started using it easily without reading a single line of the user manual.

The logic of interaction is clear. Buttons and text are self-explained. And the apps supports 26 languages, a truly globalized application.

SIFULTRAS-4.3 Skills

Telepresence robots make sense in today’s business world. As more and more companies work with telecommuting employees and distributed teams, it is becoming more and more useful to have telepresence robots in the workplace.

Telepresence robots make meetings a whole lot better by ensuring that everyone who is supposed to be there are present, even if they are physically not. It can help your team members feel like you are part of the meeting by allowing you to easily interact with them. When it comes to presentations, you can see what everyone else can see.

If you have a mentoring relationship with another employee, then a telepresence robot can help you with that as well.

But how about a telepresence robot that goes beyond just helping you have a virtual presence at the office even when you are halfway across the world? A telepresence robot that can actually do your job for you even when you are asleep? The SIFROBOT-4.3

SIFULTRAS-4.3 High end telepresence robot

Independently explores every room. When you place the SIFROBOT-4.3 in a new room or office, it will explore it by itself, taking note of the layout of the place so that it would know where to go in the future. This feature is available only in the version with navigation capabilities.

This is helpful because it allows the SIFROBOT-4.3 to map out the room for you instead of visually finding its way every time you need it. It gets to where you want it faster and more efficiently.

Facial recognition. The SIFROBOT-4.3 can identify faces. This is very useful when you are interacting with people. It also allows the robot to instantly find your face and turn towards you. It can even find you when you call it using the SIFROBOT-4.3 passphrase.

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Say, “come here” and the SIFROBOT-4.3 will make its way to you, do some real time facial recognition magic, and even follow you around. This works even when there are other people in the room. Custom content library. The SIFROBOT-4.3 is ready for you, no matter what work you want to put it on. With its custom content library, each SIFROBOT-4.3 is different from the others.

It has the ability to know all the professional terminology and jargon that you use in your own industry or department, allowing it to understand you better. Remote video surveillance. You can use your smartphone to remotely control the SIFROBOT-4.3. This means that you can be halfway across the world and still keep an eye out for things at home, even talk to a family member or play with your kids.


Remote video surveillance. You can use your smartphone to remotely control the SIFROBOT-4.3. This means that you can be halfway across the world and still keep an eye out for things at home, even talk to a family member or play with your kids.

Smart home control. The SIFROBOT-4.3 can help you control your smart home. It could turn off the lights and turn on the air conditioning, among other things.

Design. The SIFROBOT-4.3 is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic, a very strong and rigid plastic that is also highly insulated and glossy. In short, the material used is not only built to last but also contributes to the beautiful design.

One look at the SIFROBOT-4.3 and you would know that this is true. It looks sturdy and expensive, not some oversized cheap toy robot, especially with the use of metallic paint and finish. The SIFROBOT-4.3 stands around 3.44 feet or 105 cm and has a width of a little less than a foot or 30 cm. wide. It also weighs 15 kilograms.

Voice control. With the SIFROBOT-4.3, you do not have to always tinker with your smartphone or some sort of physical control. You can just issue voice commands and it will pick up on what you said even when you are across the room.

Far field speech recognition. The SIFROBOT-4.3 can identify your voice even when you are at the opposite end of the room. That means you can issue commands even if you do not go near the robot.

This is very similar to the far field voice recognition technology used by Amazon’s Alexa devices such as the Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, and Amazon Echo Show.

It does not matter if the TV is on and the kids are fighting, Amazon Echo can still recognize your voice command if you use the Alexa pass phrase. Long battery life. The SIFROBOT-4.3 needs only six hours of charging time and this will be enough to have it on standby for 40 hours.

Yes, with only six hours of charging, the telepresence robot will be ready to work for you for two days. Actual running time is pegged at 10 hours, giving it enough power for a typical work day.


  • Net Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Screen Size: 10.1 inches
  • Resolution: HD 1280 x800
  • Battery Capacity: 10000 mAh
  • Battery Input: DC 12.8 V / 1.5 A
  • Charging Interface: 5.5 * 2.1
  • Charging Time: 6 Hours
  • Movement Time: 8 Hours
  • Standby Time: 48 Hours
  • Package Weight: 18 kg (39.68 lb.)
  • 4G LTE Enabled
  • Tilting & Rising Head
  • Inbuilt 2 Woofers
  • Auto Charging System
  • Wheel Motion System
  • Microphone Array
  • HD Camera
  • Collision Prevention
  • Anti Falling System


Telepresence Robot SIFROBOT-4.3 Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent Voice Chat



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