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April 20, 2020
Temperature Measurement Robot – SIFROBOT-6.7
April 24, 2020
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Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Robot – SIFROBOT-7.72

$6,500.00 $5,395.00

Face recognition supported even when wearing masks.

Temperature detecting in 1m distance.

Hand Sanitizer releasing.

Abnormal temperature alert, above 37.3 °C.

Can use it even in outdoor strong light and dark night areas.

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Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Robot SIFROBOT-7.72


Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Robot – SIFROBOT-7.72 is used worldwide for detecting abnormal body temperature. The temperature taking robot SIFROBOT-7.2 is suitable to serve at stations, airports, hospitals and other public places to improve epidemic control and disinfection efficiency, while reducing the exposure risks of people.


Temperature checker robot fatures


The user needs to stand in front of the Temperature Screening Infrared Robot SIFROBOT-7.2. When the body temperature is measured successfully, the robot will automatically identify the user through face recognition and then automatically make a record.

Note: preferably, a single person stands at a distance 1m in front of the lens. The highest temperature detected by the temperature measurement module will be automatically captured in the process of face recognition.

If the measured body temperature is higher than the normal value, the alarm will sound and the interface will turn red as a warning.


face recognition temperature measurement and Hand Sainitizer releasing robot

       Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Robot:

  • Face recognition.
  • Temperature Measurement.
  • Hand Sanitizer Releasing.
  • Measurement Record.
  • Staffing.
  • Smart high temperature warning.

Face Recognition, Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Robot

temperature checker robot- specifications




Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Robot – SIFROBOT-7.72

12-Month Warranty



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