Portable Near Infrared Vein Finder : SIFVEIN-5.7
October 6, 2018
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October 13, 2018
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Vein Finder, Vein Viewer Medical projection : SIFVEIN-5.8

$3,900.00 $2,500.00

Type:  Portable Near Infrared Vein finder

Light type :  Near Infrared

Color : Blue & White

Condition : New

Application : Beauty and plastic surgery, infant, the elderly, edema, obesity, anemia, hypopiesia

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Hospital Injection Vein Finder Vein Image Display Vein Viewer Medial projection Vein locator : SIFVEIN-5.8



Traditional venipuncture is mainly counted on doctors and nurses’ eyes and experience. When vein is not so obvious, it is very difficult to success on venipuncture, especially to find out deep vein. Many times try on venipuncture will cause huge mental stress on both patient and medical staff, and at the same time, it increases the pain on patients, especially for children. The vein finder can significantly improve the venipuncture success rate by providing the real-time, accurate and clear imaging of superficial veins. This can shorten puncture time and reduce patients’ trauma, pain and infection risk.
Features 1 Adopting narrow band infrared light source, no harm to human, no radiation, no heat, no hurt to eyes; 2 Adopting 3,000,000 pixel vary power lens can display enlarged image clearly which can supply accurate basis for venipuncture; 3 ion to adjust the switching between vein display and background color. The combination of the three light color modes gives the user more realistic, clearer, and more accurate venous vessel positioning during clinical use.



Beauty and plastic surgery, infant, the elderly, edema, obesity, anemia, hypopiesia

Technical  Parameters 

Working Principle: Hemoglobin has a stronger absorption under near-infrared light. After the photosensitive element acquires the infrared image of the skin, this device images the outline of the veins through a series digital processing and then the display the image on the screen. This can help medical staff to increase venipuncture success rate.

Technical Parameters:
Light source medical cold light source, no pollution, radiation free Camera HD cameral system Power system 12V 2A 20W Screen 7’’, pixel: ≥1024*768 Dimension 680*380*275mm

N.W 5kg

  1. Advantages

SIFVEIN-1.1 Portable Vein Detector ,non invasive infrared technology ,touch in screen