WIRED Color Handheld Ultrasound Scanner ,linear 128 E : SIFULTRAS-3.2
September 22, 2017
Micro Convex Ultrasound Scanner, WIFI Probe 3.5Mhz. SIFULTRAS-5.0 FDA
September 25, 2017
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WiFi-Bluetooth Color Ultrasound Scanner Convex 2- 5 MHz 64 Elements, Sifultras-2.0

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Depth control:    Touch screen gesture

Gain control:      Touch screen gesture and physical buttons

Image processing: wavelet filter, pseudo color, image smoothing and frame correlation

Measurement:    Depth, length and area

Measurement accuracy: <=0.5mm (axial), <1mm (lateral)

Image storage: Jpeg, Dicom


WiFi-Bluetooth Convex Ultrasound Machine , SIFULTRAS-2.0


As small as an Iphone, SIFULTRAS-2.0 packs stunning technologies and innovations to offer convenient imaging whenever and wherever needed.

SIFULTRAS-2.0 can be widely used in medical applications like hospital clinical treatment, emergency medicine, primary care, obstetrics and gynecology, guided procedures for injections, aspirations, vascular access,

and line placement, as well as remote medicine. SIFULTRAS-2.0 fills in gaps of lack of ultrasound image equipment for basic medical institutions in China and the third world countries.

As well, it plays more and more important  roles for improving point-of-care, clinical diagnostic methods and efficiency of clinic diagnosis, due to its innovation features like WiFi-Bluetooth  connection (3G/4G/Wfi), full touch screen and easy-to-use interface for non-radiologist usage, online and offline on-device technical training as well as remote cloud support for reading ultrasound image and guidance for operation.

What Feature of This WiFi-Bluetooth Convex Probe Ultrasound Scanner?

·        The world first pocket medical smart ultrasound scanner with high speed cellular and Wifi data communication  capability.

·        Clear and rapid imaging for intervention guidance.

·        Special designed full touch UI for each individual application and easy to operation without special training.

·        Automatically syncing data to private cloud for telemedicine and mobile telemedicine.

·        Android sw operation system to make the applications easy for extendable.

·        Enables ultrasound whenever and wherever necessary.


Specifications of  WiFi Convex Array Probe Ultrasound Scanner, SIFULTRAS-2.0:

Ultrasound Acoustics

Imaging mode:   B

Frame rate:     >=16 fps

Transducers:     Electronically focused convex probe (3~5MHz)

Element count:    64

Image depth:     <=20 cm

Dynamic gain control range:   >120 dB

Video replay:   32 or 64 fps

Device Electrical and Mechanical Spec


CPU:   1.2GHz Quad-core Cotex A9

OS:         Android 4.3

Display: 6.0  inch with 720*1280 resolution

Touch screen:   Capacitive TP

Camera:  5M pixels

Memory:    1/2GB LPDDR2 + 8/16/32GB Flash

Cellular Network:     Optional (3G/4G)

Connectivity: BT 3.0 EDR, WiFi & WAPI, GPS&AGPS

Radio:       Stereo FM radio

Interface:      Micro USB 2.0 HS (w/ charging), 3.5mm audio jack

Sensor:       Accelerometer, P/L sensor, E-compass, Gyroscope

Keypad:    Power, Freeze and Gain +/-

Battery:    5000mAh, up to 3 hours ultrasound continuous scans

Dimension:  158mmx84mmx20mm


Wireless convex Ultrasound Machine , SIFULTRAS-5.52
Wireless convex Ultrasound Machine , SIFULTRAS-5.52Wireless convex Ultrasound Machine , SIFULTRAS-5.52


This product is not to be used in  The US .

1 × SIFULTRAS-2.0  Convex  Probe Portable Wifi Ultrasound Scanner,2-5 MHz, 64 Elements

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