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December 5, 2017
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December 14, 2017
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WiFi / Bluetooth Color Convex, 8″ Size Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-2.3, 128 Elements , 2 – 5 Mhz

$3,400.00 $2,725.00

Color, Convex , Portable Ultrasound Scanner 

WiFi Bluetooth Ultrasound Scanner Type,2-5 MHz, 128 elements

Depth control:    Touch screen gesture

Gain control:      Touch screen gesture and physical buttons

Image processing: wavelet filter, pseudo color, image smoothing and frame correlation

Measurement:    Depth, length and area

Image storage: Jpeg, Dicom

Application Range :
In emergency clinical, hospital ward inspection, community clinical and outdoor inspect, small hospitals in rural areas, in companies, schools & sport centers, personal usage

WiFi / Bluetooth Color Convex, 8″ Size Ultrasound Scanner SIFULTRAS-2.3, 128 Elements , 2 – 5 Mhz

Color 8″ Size Ultrasound Scanner  SIFULTRAS-2.3

It’s a 8-inche size ultrasound tool with changeable probe connector that provides real-time anatomic, and clor Doppler blood flow images with touch screen
It’s the priliminary screening tool for you, from patient to patient, within your primary, critical, or speciality care clinical environment .

·        The world first pocket medical smart ultrasound scanner with high speed cellular and Wifi data  communication  capability.

·        Clear and rapid imaging for intervention guidance.

·        Special designed full touch UI for each individual application and easy to operation without special training.

·        Automatically syncing data to private cloud for telemedicine and mobile telemedicine.

·        Android sw operation system to make the applications easy for extendable.

·        Enables ultrasound whenever and wherever necessary.

What feature of This  WiFi/Bluetooth  Convex handheld Ultrasound Scanner?

The device integrates unique nano-ultrasound imaging ASIC and circuitry, 1.2GHz Quad-core CPU and GPU, as well as 3G/4G/Wifi communication modem  designed together.  It provides varieties of applications, from everyday clinical practice (post-surgery monitoring, injection guidance, aspirations, vascular access and line placements, biopsy guidance, and emergency medicine) to family self examinations (bladder control, disease monitoring, breast self-exam, fetus viewing and etc.). Since all applications are run under Android software operation system with full touch UI, the user can use it just simply touch the icon on the screen to open the specific application for each practice.  Each application is designed for applying to specific case to make using the device so easy that the practitioner can take advantage of it without specific training on the device.

With high speed WiFi/Bluetooth  data connection,  SIFULTRAS-2.3 can upload the images to private cloud in real time and make telemedicine into the service, so that a specialist in a remote location can weight in on the images that the device records. Combining through bank of images, extract key features/characteristics in the images and artificial-intelligence of deep learning, SIFULTRAS-2.3  will enable automate diagnoses in the future.

1. Detect pericardial effusion, chest fluid or internal bleeding at ER or in ambulance, enabling prompt initiation of treatment .
2. View fetus as they grow
3. Detect fetal heart beats
4. Monitor the amount of amniotic fluid during delivery
5. Find plaque in carotid, avoid stroke before it strikes
6. Place lines in veins with visual confidance .
7. Find nodules in thyroids, livers or breasts during screening .
8. Monitor stones in kedneys, gall bladders and bladders .
9.Verify bone fractures without X-ray

Technical Specifications

Product Description Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
Monitor 8 inches LCD High-resolution (1280*720) Full touch screen
Probe Type 128 Elements (changeable)
Frequency Convex Array 2-5 MHz / Linear Array 5-10 MHz / Micro-convex array 2-5 Mhz / Intracavitary array 4-9 MHz
Displaying Mode B, C, M, B+B, B+M
Cine-loop 1024 Frames
Frame Rate Convex: <= 16fps / Linear: 24fps
Depth Convex: <= 200mm / Linear: <= 70mm
Connection Interface Micro USB2.0,HDMI, 3.5mm Headphone jack,Probe connector
Gain Convex: 0~150dB / Linear: 0~120dB  (adjustable)
Image Processing Line smoothing, Frame smoothing, Transversal filter, Longitudinal filter, Sharpening, Gamma transformation, etc .
Power Built-in battery(5400mAh) to support 2h of continuous scanning
Image Format JPEG , DICOM
Language Over 60 different language including English, Spanish, etc .
Measurement Length, Area, Arrow, Angle, Perimeter, Text .
Camera Front camera: 2M auto / Rear camera:5M auto focus
Memory 64 GB
Operating system Android / iOS
Printer WIFI printer
Cloud Cloud image storage, cloud file management, standard
API & SDK interface, Information sharing platform
Technical Training Online and offline tutorial, self-built online training material
Remote Software Update YES

Color Handheld Ultrasound Machine SIFULTRAS-5.53















This product is not to be used in  The US.

1 × SIFULTRAS-2.3 Convex Probe Portable Wifi Ultrasound Scanner, 2-5 MHz, 128 elements adjustable

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12 Months Warrant

      × 5 Trees planted for one purchased item

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