Service Robots

Service Robots provide different types of services to humans. The deployment of robots in the service sector comprises performing cumbersome, boring, minial, repetitive, risky, dull , time-consuming, and monotonous tasks.

A service robot autonomously operates through an inbuilt control system which you can manually overruled whenever needed.

Service robots can take/deliver customers’ orders, guide them during a tour, provide answers to their questions and perform reception and billing tasks.

For many companies, using service robots will cut costs of human labor, assure Fewer errors mean more quality, uninterrupted workflow, faster and more adequate services; Therefore, happier customers.

  • Temperature-Measurement-and-Hand-Sanitizer-Robot-SIFROBOT-7.72

    Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizer Robot – SIFROBOT-7.72

    $6,500.00 $5,395.00

    Face recognition supported even when wearing masks.

    Temperature detecting in 1m distance.

    Hand Sanitizer releasing.

    Abnormal temperature alert, above 37.3 °C.

    Can use it even in outdoor strong light and dark night areas.

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889.

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  • Intelligent Service Robot-with-temperature-checker

    Temperature Screening Infrared Robot SIFROBOT-6.8

    $10,500.00 $9,995.00

    Detector type: Uncooled infrared array sensor.

    Main service band: 8~14μm.

    Detector NETD: <60 mK.

    Temperature measurement data output: Full amplitude temperature output.

    Range of temperature measurement: 20°C-50°C.

    Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1°C before delivery; ±0.5°C after system calibration; ±0.3°C for external black body.

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889

    × 30 Trees planted for one purchased item

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  • Indoor-Outdoor Delivery Robot: SIFROBOT-6.2

    Indoor-Outdoor Delivery Robot: SIFROBOT-6.2

    $22,000.00 $17,558.00

    Cabinet Size: 300*310*500mm (L*W*H).

    Maximum load: 15 kg.

    Maximum climb rate: 10°.

    Navigation mode: SLAM.

    Battery capacity: 24Ah.

    Battery life: 12h.

    Screen size: 13.3″.

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889.

    × 30 Trees planted for one purchased item

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  • AI Humanoid Commercial Service Robot SIFROBOT-6.0

    $40,000.00 $35,899.00

    Height: 1300mm.

    Weight: 65KG

    Autonomous orientation navigation: No less than 6M range acquisition with 4000 slam frequencies and millimeter accuracy

    Degree of body freedom:  – Left arm: X4
    – Right arm: X4
    – Left hand: X5
    – Right hand: X5
    – Head: X2

    Coupled sensing system: Laser ranging radius 16M

    Network module: Ethernet, WIFI,  10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet (Realtek RTL8211E),  Integrated WiFi combo(AP6335): WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual band , Bluetooth 4.0(BLE compatable)

    Audio system: Built-in speaker

    Auditory system: Microphone array

    Video system: Multiple video HD output support

    External interface ports: USB port, LED indicator, body buttons (Power button + Upgrade button)

    Display: 10.6 inch ips wide view angle screen resolution (1280*720)

    Battery capacity: 15000 mAh

    Operation time: 10 – 15 hours

    Self-charging: 3 – 4 hours

    Moving speed: Max 3.2 Km/h 

    Control system:Android 4.4, 5.1 /ubuntu 14.04 Uros

    Certifications: CFP

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889

    × 30 Trees planted for one purchased item

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  • Humanoid-Waiter-Robot-with-Laser-Navigation-for-Delivery-Food-and-Drink - SIFSOF

    Humanoid Smart Catering Services Robot SIFROBOT-5.2

    $12,000.00 $10,899.00

    Size: 1500*560*810mm.

    Navigation mode: Lidar SLAM

    Battery capacity: 20Ah (Lithium battery)

    Charging time: ≤ 10 hours.

    Working time: ≥ 10 hours.

    Screen size: 8″ .

    Control system: Android based on Linux

    Sensors: 1 Laser Sensor, 7-Infrared Sensor, 1-Ultrasonic Sensor

    Certifications: CE / FCC.

    For quantity discounts Please call : +1-323 988 5889

    × 30 Trees planted for one purchased item

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