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September 25, 2019
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September 28, 2019
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Ultrasound Guided Facet Nerve Block

chronic back pain by facet arthropathy

Ultrasound-guided facet nerve block is performed by physicians on patients with chronic back pain by facet arthropathy.

The use of SIFULTRAS-5.2 not only allows physicians to accurately confirm the surface landmarks of the spinous process and iliac crest line were, But the portable ultrasound scanner also obtains longitudinal facet views to identify the different spinal segments.

Regarding lumbar facet joint arthropathy. The wireless ultrasound probe SIFULTRAS-5.2 has been widely used in viewing axial spines.

On the other hand, SIFULTRAS-5.2 guided injection provides similar efficacy in the Ultrasound Guided Facet Nerve Block as fluoroscopic guidance but provides benefits of zero radiation and real-time imaging.

Ultrasound Guided Facet

Source: Prostate Ultrasound Testing

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