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November 14, 2019
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November 14, 2019
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Vascular Access: VA

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The use of Ultrasound in Vascular Access enhances the safety of Vascular Punctures. Not only, by decreasing failed puncture attempt rates but also the complications and costs of this medical approach.

The use of the appropriate ultrasound probe reduces catheter placement failure rates and the relative risk of mechanical complications.

For the goal of making this operation easier, we’ve developed devices to stabilize the angle of the needle insertion into the skin. The portable ultrasound scanner SIFULTRAS-5.34 works in a way that the needle level touches the ultrasound beam in a pre-established depth.

The use of this WiFi ultrasound scanner reduces complications and vascular puncture costs as well as increasing the procedure’s success rate.

Hence, it is a vital equipment in the routine practice of this procedure.

Long Axis Needle Guide View Vascular Access

Source: Vascular Access Ultrasound.

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