AI as a Part of our Daily Life
AI as a Part of our Daily Life
November 24, 2020
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Robots in business
December 9, 2020
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Robot-Assisted Learning and Education

Robot-Assisted Learning and Education

Along with robotic technology development, researchers and educators have employed robots to support Education. In which they state many benefits of using Educational Robots in the classroom.

Robot-Assisted Learning and Education is as friendly and cheerful as a kindergarten tutor. Indeed, The emotions and expressions processor that these robots have is designed to identify the user’s emotions and to select the most appropriate behavior for each situation, making it the perfect companion for kids whether at home or school.

Review on the Use of Robots in Education and Young Children has shown that robot’s influence on children’s skills development could be grouped into four major categories: cognitive, conceptual, language, and social (collaborative) skills.

That is to say, applying robots in educational activities can help improve teaching effects and unlock students’ enthusiasm for learning. These charming artificially smart robots provide a simple approach to learning that’s also fun and highly engaging for imaginative youngsters.

Moreover, The teaching assistant robots can be a kind of assistant for innovative educational technologies for blended learning in order to obtain the knowledge and skills under the supervision and support of the teacher inside and outside the classroom.

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