Robot-Assisted Learning and Education
Robot-Assisted Learning and Education
December 8, 2020
Benefits of Robots in HealthCare
Benefits of Robots in HealthCare
December 9, 2020
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Robots in business

Robots in Business

Robotics is the combination of science, engineering, and technology that creates machines that simulate human actions which are called robots.

The notion of robots as vital elements in the business world can conjure a science-fiction vision of the future. But the truth is that many organizations from a wide variety of industries rely on robotics to perform routine tasks that are either hazardous, laborious or time consuming to perform by humans.

In other words, Robotics is now developing as a wide and powerful industry. This new technology is being used by various sectors to improve productivity and comfort for both enterprises and customers.

With, the advent of industry, there is a focus on the innovative application of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to bring about digital transformation in businesses (Haenlein and Kaplan, 2019, Kaplan and Haenlein, 2019Sivarajah et al., 2017). 

In fact, numerous types of robotics include artificial intelligence, in which robots may be designed with the equivalent of humans such as vision, touch, and the capability to detect temperature.

 The Professional Telepresence Robot SIFROBOT-4.2 can be used in shopping malls, shopping guides, and greeting reception. One of its main functions is the Remote Control-One Way Video Call; which it’s a very useful feature that would make work easy and shorten the distance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, It can recognize customers through the face-recognition system.

Robots are not made to displace humans, they are instead collaborative creations designed to maximize efficiency, assure safety, improve quality, and productivity. In which, a 2014 study on robotics and humans have shown that humans were reportedly 85% more productive working with robots than without.

According to Bernard Mar, Businesses are increasingly intrigued by Robots because of its flexibility and scalability. These attributes allow small- and medium-sized businesses to benefit from robotics.  

So using Robots in business ends the need for long and exhausting business trips, including hotel accommodations, food reservations, and the feeling of homesickness.

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